How this all started- the backstory

The Robin Sharma Mastery Lessons- the only podcast I ever listened to. Only because that’s all I knew. I had never before explored the world of podcasts before.

One fine afternoon, I ran out of new Robin Sharma episodes to listen, so I started goofing around exploring the podcasting app on my android phone. Suddenly, I see this image that reads- “Don’t keep your day job.” I jumped on my seat. Hell yeah! Who wants to keep their day job anyway? 

Most of us are stuck in careers that we’d never choose if not for money. This was me too, 5 years ago, pursuing career in finance and not liking what I did. I was fortunate enough back then to have the choice of leaving it all for nothing. Writing happened co-incidentally. But yes, so the struggle was real, and I could absolutely relate to this Podcast’s name.

I was hoping there was a podcast like this or a book like this, which would encourage the scared little me who is doing something she absolutely dislikes. So I was like, hmmm… let’s give this a listen.

And boy, I don’t know who Cathy Heller is, I don’t know who the guest on her show is, but she’s got me gripped from minute one. She’s so authentic, she’s so real and she’s so vulnerable, just like you and me. She’s not one of those people who has her life together, she’s not the one who knows-it-all, she goofs up, she overthinks and she’s scared. She said that. I was too. Therefore I connected with her. She ended the episode with a song written by her. She called herself “the struggling song-writer”, her song struck a chord with me.

My life has never been the same again since that day.

Go to- Don't keep your day job and listen to her podcast.

It is because of her, that I started exploring more podcasts and not just my favourite, Robin Sharma.

Through this blog, I am going to share podcast episodes/series that I’ve heard and loved, podcasts that add value, podcasts that drive change, podcasts that guide, and podcasts that open new doors of thought and bring-in new perspectives.

I am going to try change inspire my behens (sisters), one podcast/ book review/ blog post at a time. I am going to do my bit to help you (if you’re looking for it).

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