Fruits of Bitterness | Author: Bijal Parekh

Updated: May 17, 2020

Amba and Amby are from the same era but a different today, The Indian society rules of today, both got excited for their Big Day.

As per the matriarchy and maternal rules,

Amba and Amby were sweared by a lot of fools.

Unfortunately they couldn’t express;

one chose to supress and the other to redress.

Amba & Amby | Fruits of Bitterness | Written by Bijal Parekh | BehenCode

While Amba is hostile and reactive; Amby is honest and active, While Amba chose it to take it to heart, Amby took it as an art.

While Amba got cynical and depressed; Amby grabbed the opportunity to impress.

Today has come that day when both have passed the Indian in-law daughter test, As Amba and Amby both got a promotion they relived their young life with their in-law daughters, The seeds of yesterday bore fruits that day, Amba and Amby both got an opportunity to be brave.

While Amba chose to use the bravery test, Amby chose to reflect and rest.

Unfortunately that day, Amba could not break the chain, she resort to pass on the traditional pain, While Amby was content and happy, Amba was still in agony.

The day came in the same era where the in-law daughter failed the test,

the son of Amba took a decision which caused her a lot of pain and unrest.

Today in the same era where Amba still spent her life to choose and react,

Amby spent her old age with a life happy and content.

Finally a day came when both their life were at an end, Amba cried alone and Amby was still with her in law daughter friend :)


This blog post is written by the guest writer Bijal Parekh. She writes simple yet powerful pieces like this one on her blog-

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