Episode #8: Break the Rules Ft. Nimi Mehta

Nimi Mehta- Radio Presenter at Channel 4 Dubai in conversation with Filoni Kkanani on BehenCode.

Imagine waking up UAE, every single morning. Imagine the energy it requires. Imagine the person doing it. Meet Nimi Mehta.

A girl of Indian origin, born and brought up in the UK & living in the UAE, Nimi Mehta is BREAKING THE RULES.

In this episode, Nimi shares:

-How it was growing up in the UK for this brown girl

-How she manages her introvert and extrovert personality on and off AIR

-Her ambitions and how she's UNAPOLOGETIC about them

-Getting married- to her partner of 10 years in 2 wedding ceremonies across UK & Greece

-Her lowest point and how she kicked back

-How her husband and Nimi, are redefining "modern marriage"

-And her secret to being this strong ambitious woman she is.

Nimi also has her own podcast called "Everything Legit" across Spotify & Apple Podcast.

Follow Nimi on Instagram- www.instagram.com/thenimimehta

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