Episode #7: Loosing yourself (quite literally) Ft. Ritika Modi

There are body transformation stories. And then, there is Ritika Modi’s story.

A 16 year old weighing 140kgs, her doctor announced that she was MORBIDLY OBESE. And that considering her blood sugar levels then, she was sure to be a diabetic.

That’s when her weight loss journey began.

In this episode, Ritika Modi shares with us-

-Her weightloss journey

-How she changed her mindset to accelerate weight loss

-How she changed her relationship with food

-How one can control their appetite

-Tips & tricks to hack your brain and make it serve you during your weightloss journey

-3 step plan to losing weight by developing your will-power

-How to stay motivated when dieting/ losing weight

-And general tips to live a healthy lifestyle and being fit!

Not just this, Ritika also answered questions asked by our followers. Find them here-https://drive.google.com/file/d/1krdS...

Ritika believes in a consultative approach for weight loss and helps her clients lose weight with her ‘Live Light & Rise’ initiative.

Follow Ritika Modi on her Instagram handle- www.instagram.com/livelightandrise

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