Episode #6: FAITH it till you make it Ft. Karishma Fernandez

Meet Karishma Fernandez, my favourite human.

It is Adrian’s 3rd Death Anniversary today, and this episode is dedicated to Karishma & Adrian, their forever love, and to their 3 wonderful children.

This story goes back in the summer of 2017. Karishma was pregnant with her 3 baby and announced her pregnancy on social media with a pregnancy photoshoot.

A husband that loves her, 2 beautiful little daughters and baby number 3 on the way.

Life was better than a fairytale.

But a week after the announcement, her husband Adrian’s soul departed. From this glamorous, dreamy and beautiful life, Karishma suddenly was left all alone in the journey of life.

A pregnant widow who had 2 daughters to take care of and feed plus a baby on the way.

Her son has not met his father.

A month into this, Karishma had to go back to work. She had to be more than 100% on-AIR because that’s what her job demands.

She lives a full life- a life filled with gratitude and laughter. What we never realize is the pain behind that beautiful smile, the courage it takes to own up and run the house with 3 kids, giving them the best of education and being their Father and their Mother.

She has never gone on record and mentioned this but today. She shares the most personal story of her with us. I hope you understand the amount of courage it must have taken for her to do this and thank her.

If you like today’s episode, please pray for her and her kids for a moment. If you will, go to Karishma’s Instagram page (www.instagram.com/its_karish) and drop her a message. Tell her that she is loved by you and that you love her kids too. BE KIND.

SOURCE CREDIT: A special thanks to City1016 for giving us permission to use Karishma’s official pictures in the video. Check their official website- https://www.city1016.ae/


RJ Karishma Fernandez has been on-AIR on City1016 since 2008.

Imagine a life where you not just get to meet celebrities, but also interview them. Karishma has interviewed hundreds of movie stars and celebrities- From A R Rehman to Sachin Tendulkar to Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan, she’s met and interviewed them all. She has even danced with SRK went on stage while hosting him more than once. Isn't this the dream life?

But that’s not all.

Karishma has hosted scores of events including the IIFA Green Carpet in Madrid, TOIFA Red Carpet in Dubai, FilmFare’s Middle East 1st year celebration in Oman attended by the who’s who of Bollywood!

Weddings, concerts, press conferences, tv shows...you name it, Karishma has hosted them.

In fact, she’s also won an award for hosting the first season of Salaam namaste UAE on Colors and Rishtey TV.

This was about real-life events. But Karishma digital content mein bhi sabse aage hai. She has been a part of videos of her radio station that went viral- one of them was the welcome video they made for Ayush Sharma that has 8M+ views and the other being her interview of Kumar Sanu that has 1.7M+ views!

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