Episode #4: Feel the Heartbeat in the Mic Ft. Bhairavi Prakash

With a voice so soulful, conversations that are candid and sharp wit on point, Bhairavi Prakash is one of UAE’s best, most loved, most followed RJs. Currently, she hosts the show “Simply Social” on 89.1 Radio4 Dubai. Growing up in Dubai, she is surprisingly very desi at heart.

When not RJ-ing, you will find her doing charity (a lot of it- some that she speaks about, most she doesn't! But I know because I have worked with her closely), You will also find her emcee-ing events & shows, playing with her dogs (and cats even- I can say that, if Aunty is not listening!), reading, cooking, making funny videos, endorsing the brands she’s representing, & Caraoke-ing (Car Karaoke?) with her sister Akanksha.

Catch RJ Bhairavi Prakash spilling all the beans on her journey from being an ex-cricketer to a Radio & TV Presenter. She shares the most amazing of stories with us:

-How she became an RJ

-What helps her build a rapport with anyone she talks to, instantly

-The story of her getting a proposal on-AIR

-And the high (and favourite) point of her career thusfar

-And how you could pursue what your heart wants ☺

You’re going to go back with a smile and ask for more! :D

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