Episode #3: Kraft your Business Ft. Parul Taneja

The first thing you find about Parul Taneja when you Google her, is that she “is a very happy person.”

And knowing her, I can vouch for that. But what you don’t know about her, is that she was diagnosed with clinical depression at the tender age of 16. So happiness has been her CHOICE.

Given this, how did she manage to build a business that is loved by +2lakhs women in the country? How did she become this happy person?

Her sincerity and innocence are what stand-out and make you want to listen to her all the more. Her sense of humour made me laugh until my cheeks hurt, and I am sure it will be same for you. The candidness in the way she talks...I can go on and on.

Tune into this episode to:

-Learn more about Parul and how beautifully she put herself together- her take on therapy and the stigma around conversations of mental health

-Know how she went from being an Architect to an Entrepreneur with her friend and co-founder Anushri Shringi

-Know how her family reacted when she broke the news to them

-Discover the story behind building Krafted with Happiness & #girlsofkrafted

-Know what motivates her and keeps her going during the low phases

-Learn what is the key that helped them quicky scale their social media

-Learn the art of managing time- handling a business, 2 dogs and a home

-And finally unlock the lessons she learned on her Krafted with Happiness journey



Karigars are the backbone of this business that Parul and Anushri have built with so much love. During this pandemic, it is difficult for everyone to survive on scarce resources, and especially these Karigars.

I request that if you like this episode, please DONATE whatever you can, to help Karigars of Krafted here- https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/help...

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