Episode #2: A Strong Woman is a Powerful Woman Ft. Geetika Chawla

Updated: May 28, 2020

Imagine being married to the one you love and being married to them? Good.

Imagine having a child with the one you love? Better.

Imagine being abandoned and left on the street without a penny by the same person? Devastating, right?

This extraordinary story, is of Geetika Chawla.

Once upon a time… Geetika returned home only to realise that the locks of the house were changed, her car was taken away and the money from their joint account all gone. She was left on the streets at midnight with her 2.5 year old daughter.

Fast forward to today: Geetika is married to a man who respects her, blessed with a daughter who pushed her to go to Harvard without guilt and/or hesitation. And wait.

Did I tell you that she got her Masters Degree from Harvard Business School? :D

She was this single mom who struggled, didn’t give up, fought a custody battle, lived hand-to-mouth and still made it to Harvard Business School. From surviving to thriving, Geetika has done it with so much grace. You sure don’t want to miss this story!

I invite you to join me on this journey of Geetika’s story where I have asked her to share the most intricate details of how she turned around her life and is winning it.

For your convenience, I have divided her story into 4 major parts:

Part 1: A Strong Woman is a Powerful Woman Part 2: Unplanned Single Motherhood Part 3: Taking Back the Charge (Getting Back to Life) Part 4: Making My Dreams My Reality (Going to Harvard Business School)

I will be releasing an episode every day and will update these links for your convenience. Do let me know your favourite learning from Geetika’s story.

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