Episode #13: NEW YORK TO NEW DELHI Ft. Dr. Kiran Sethi

She is Celebrity Dermatologist, founder of ISYA Aesthetics. This is her all new side of being an amazing mother, daughter, friend and a woman. She has very positive vibe and loves helping people. From the journey of life, she learnt how to live for herself & be an amazing fearless person and letting it go.

Highlights of the video

You will understand that life is very complicated, either you learn from it or you don’t.

Once you hit the bottom of being low, that is the time you’ll know how to jump high

Learn that painful things are not fun, but it happens, so why blame yourself.

How to let go things. Letting it go is quite healing.

Learn to overcome your fears. We are going to die alone, so be fearless.

Understand that if you have a clean goal, everything will be at its place to set it up.


02:30 – Her childhood in New York.

08:00 – Choosing to become a Dermatologist.

10:15 – Moving from New York to New Delhi & following her heart

14:30 – New Journey as a Single Mom

19:30 – Overcoming the fear of being alone and becoming a role model for her daughter

24:30 – A quick visit by her adorable daughter

27:30 – Raising her daughter

38:50 – Founding the ISYA Aesthetics

42:35 – Her mantra for life and advice to all

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