Episode #11: Be-YOU-tiful Ft. Diksha Singhi

In today's episode of BehenCode, our guest is Diksha Singhi. She is a Body Positivity Advocate & Blogger who runs her blog by the name @alwaysalittleextra

Diksha shares her story with us and talks about the following points:

- Understand that being “Fat to Fit” doesn’t mean “Fat to Thin”

- Learn to be what you are and not what others are expecting you to be

- Learn to avoid the judgmental people in our life

- How to be positive and love yourself

- How to focus more on making yourself happy with what you are

For your convenience, we are listing down the key time-points here:

4:00 Initial journey from childhood as chubby baby

6:00 Rejection and fat shamed in boarding school

9:00 Marathon Journey – Never gave up and completed the race

10:20 Pretending to be a "tom boy" to make everyone happy and avoid embarrassment

13:30 From pretending to be Sassy pants to actually become one to be accepted by others without realising it

18:15 No Weight loss means No Boyfriends and No Shaadi

22:00 Insecurities because of people’s opinions.

24:00 Working on yourself is your biggest cheerleader and still working on it

26:21 From body positivity Advocate to Blogger

32:37 No Diksha 2.0. Was a Diksha – Always a Diksha. Both before and after is me

33:25 Journey with her love

35:26 Advice to old herself – Listen to your heart and love yourself

Follow Diksha Singhi on Instagram on her handle www.instagram.com/alwaysalittleextra

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